jenn schiffer

  • code, watercolor, pixel art, wax



  • corporeal - litm, jersey city 2018 ink pixel art, "pixel babe #5"
  • women's future - litm, jersey city 2018 watercolor pixel art, "diptych #1" + "diptych #3"
  • parameters - xxxi, nyc 2017 digital collage entitled time well spent, or 'no copyright intended. i do not own any part of this song. all rights go to the owner of this song, which is not me'. event release
  • game on 2.0 - ontario science centre, toronto 2013 kiosk. photopress releaseevent reel

artist residencies

  • made in ny media center artist in residence, april 2015-2016 worked on pxon, a pixel object notation specification
  • ace hotel #24by36 artist in residence, january 2015 announcement

online contributions


  • one of my interdisciplinary art/tech projects is vart, where i use javascript in my exploration of fine art history. i used to teach code using art, and this is my way of flipping the switch. i put the project on hold a few years ago and perhaps one day i'll surprise everyone with more. in the meantime, you can listen to the Studio 360 episode about the project!